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Bluestar Linux - Overview


Bluestar is a GNU/Linux operating system, built to provide the following features:


  • Up-to-date Kernel version - 4.8.x
  • Fast (optimized for performance)
  • Wide Variety of Applications - Always Current Versions
  • Full Development / Desktop / Multimedia Environment
  • Arch Linux Based Distribution


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    ProFTPd vs. vsftpd
    Submitted By: admin Date: May 21, 2013, 02:10:36 AM Views: 2643


    ProFTPd is a modular FTP server which has been around for a long time. The large control panels (cPanel, DirectAdmin) all support ProFTPd and have for years.

    The most feature rich of the bunch is certainly ProFTPd. There are a ton of plugins available for it, and the creator of it modeled its configuration architecture much like Apache's - it is also using the GPL for licensing.

    Configuration of ProFTPd is fairly straight forward, and example configuration files abound at a quick search of Google.

    ProFTPd is available on a wide variety of system architectures and operating systems.

    ProFTPd Security

    Of the bunch, ProFTPd has the most CVE vulnerabilities listed. The high number is most likely an indicator of ProFTPd's widespread use which makes it a target of hackers.


    vsftpd is another GPL-licensed FTP server, which stands for "Very Secure FTP daemon". It is a lightweight FTP server built with security in mind.

    Its lightweight nature allows it to scale very efficiently, and many large sites (ftp.redhat.com , ftp.debian.org , ftp.freebsd.org ) currently utilize vsftpd as their FTP server of choice.

    vsftpd Security

    vsftpd has a lower number of vulnerabilities listed in CVE than ProFTPd. This could be because, since its name implies it is a secure FTP service, or because it is so widely used on large sites - that it is under more scrutiny than the others.

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