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    Intel GMA3600 - The Grapevine
    Submitted By: admin Date: November 28, 2013, 10:39:04 PM Views: 2980

    Here is the URL for a short thread found under the heading of issues for the xf86-video-gma500 github project:


    The developer's comments are quite interesting and do suggest that there will soon be more to come.

    Also, the developer is maintaining a separate drm-gma500 github project which he apparently uses for testing drm patches/changes. The project can be found at: https://github.com/patjak/drm-gma500. Some new blitter code for the gma500 can be found there. The change dates on the files in this project will give you a sense of how long it takes for changes to make their way into the kernel - approximately half of the changes found here are just now about to appear in linux-3.15, despite having been made several months ago.

    May 2014:

    A caveat on the linux 3.15 updates: The new blitter code is minimal. In fact, only the idle function will be provided for now. We need to see some serious progress here before the developer can fill in the missing functionality of the xf86-video-gma500 xorg driver.

    Latest for May:

    2014-04-02   drm: Replace crtc fb with primary plane fb (v3)

    The following log entries represent changes for linux-3.15-rc1:

    2014-03-28   drm/gma500: Replace DRM_LOG_KMS() by DRM_DEBUG_KMS()   Lespiau, Damien   1   -10/+10
    2014-03-23   drm/gma500: add locking to fixed panel edid probing   Daniel Vetter   3   -0/+11
    2014-03-20   ACPI / gpu / drm: Stop selecting VIDEO_OUTPUT_CONTROL   Jean Delvare   1   -1/+0
    2014-03-17   drm/gma500: remove stub .open/postclose   David Herrmann   1   -11/+0
    2014-03-17   drm/gma500: Code cleanup - inline documentation   Arthur Borsboom   2   -106/+54
    2014-03-17   drm/gma500: Code cleanup - style fixes   Arthur Borsboom   2   -80/+76
    2014-03-17   drm/gma500: Code cleanup - removal of centralized exiting of function   Arthur Borsboom   1   -6/+1
    2014-03-17   drm/gma500/cdv: Cedarview display cleanups   Patrik Jakobsson   1   -52/+19
    2014-03-17   drm/gma500: Unify encoder mode fixup   Patrik Jakobsson   5   -24/+13
    2014-03-17   drm/gma500: Unify _get_core_freq for cdv and psb   Patrik Jakobsson   5   -78/+82
    2014-03-17   drm/gma500: Move asle interrupt work into a work task   Patrik Jakobsson   2   -4/+22
    2014-03-17   drm/gma500: Remove dead code   Thierry Reding   1   -3/+0
    2014-03-17   drm/gma500: Add backing type and base align to psb_gem_create()   Patrik Jakobsson   6   -9/+33
    2014-03-17   drm/gma500: Remove unused ioctls   Patrik Jakobsson   4   -269/+0
    2014-03-17   drm/gma500: Always trap MMU page faults   Patrik Jakobsson   1   -7/+1
    2014-03-17   drm/gma500: Hook up the MMU   Patrik Jakobsson   2   -13/+55
    2014-03-17   drm/gma500: Add first piece of blitter code   Patrik Jakobsson   3   -0/+74
    2014-03-17   drm/gma500: Give MMU code it's own header file   Patrik Jakobsson   3   -88/+95
    2014-03-17   drm/gma500: Add support for SGX interrupts   Patrik Jakobsson   1   -12/+69
    2014-03-17   drm/gma500: Make SGX MMU driver actually do something   Patrik Jakobsson   3   -134/+138
    2014-02-27   x86, cpufeature: Rename X86_FEATURE_CLFLSH to X86_FEATURE_CLFLUSH   H. Peter Anvin   1   -1/+1

    I also noted changes to power.c, made May 7 and obviously not included in the current 3.15-rc1 merge:

    2013-04-07   drm/gma500: Add hooks for hibernation   Patrik Jakobsson   1   -0/+15
    2013-04-07   drm/gma500: Activate the gtt rebuild on suspend/resume   Patrik Jakobsson   1   -0/+2

    On a separate note, there have still been no changes to xf86-video-gma500 for the past 2 months.

    February 2014:

    Apparently, work has restarted on the xf86-video-gma500 source tree over the past 30 days. This is a great sign that true gpu-based 2D acceleration may be just around the corner.

    Here's the URL to the github for xf86-video-gma500 for those who are interested:


    December 2013:

    Just some personal observations:

    1) during the boot cycle, when X11 is started, gma500 screens had a band of noise (at least 50 lines wide) that appeared at the top of the screen until X11 finished its initialisation. This appears to have been fixed - no more band of noise.

    2) there has obviously been progress with LVDS identification, although I want to emphasize "progress" - it's still not entirely out of the woods. I can now boot without the "video-LVDS-1:d" kernel param, BUT, the resulting screen has the same weird problem with vsync that I've seen on so many other distros that claim to support the gma500 family of graphics chipsets. I'm hoping that the gma500 LVDS fixes slated for release along with linux-3.13 go the rest of the way in fixing this issue (and also that they don;t screw up what's working).

    November 2013:

    Linux 3.13-rc1 first merge. New things coming to the gma500 driver.

    Patrik Jakobsson (12):
    drm/gma500: Add Minnowboard to the IS_MRST() macro
    drm/gma500: Add chip specific sdvo masks
    drm/gma500: Add support for aux pci vdc device
    drm/gma500: Add aux device support for gmbus
    drm/gma500/mrst: Add SDVO clock calculation
    drm/gma500/mrst: Add aux register writes when programming pipe
    drm/gma500/mrst: Properly route oaktrail hdmi hooks
    drm/gma500/mrst: Add aux register writes to SDVO
    drm/gma500/mrst: Replace WMs and chickenbits with values from EMGD
    drm/gma500/mrst: Setup GMBUS for oaktrail/mrst
    drm/gma500/mrst: Don't blindly guess a mode for LVDS - (https://lkml.org/lkml/2013/11/14/262)
    drm/gma500/mrst: Add SDVO to output init

    September 2013:

    It looks like there will be some changes coming to the gma500_gfx kernel driver  - merges into v3.12 have already started:


    The developer, Patrik Jakobsson, has already inferred that EXA 2D acceleration for the gma500 driver will be introduced in Linux 3.12:


    Looking forward to seeing some decent progress on this driver.

    Linux 3.12-rc1 has been released, so we can probably expect to see a full release within the next 2 months.

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